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 "Erica, your music is so soulful... and sexy... I love your phrasing"

- John Mayer; 7-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter/producer.

"Your vocal completely brought the song to life. So much emotion and so much heart, what a gift you've been given. Such a joy to hear and feel your voice and spirit" 

- Ben Wisch; 2-time Grammy Award-winning Producer [Marc Cohn]
"Hearing [Erica Leigh], listeners can relate to their own personal struggles and the need to feel connected."
- Kathy Coan; Middlesex Daily News
"You're a very complicated individual. In the first song, you remind me of a very young Joni Mitchell. And then, on the second tune you brought us 50 years to the present with a looper...and then you had us singing along to a very good song ['Calling All Survivors']... These days for someone to cover all that ground, for real, is special."
- Cliff Goodwin; guitarist Joe Cocker

"Looping Beauty"... "Slay...slay! Erica Leigh [is] killin' it!" ..."Beautiful performance!"
- TCHelicon Vocal Technologies
"Boston-based artist Erica Leigh, is not only a singer/songwriter with an exceptional talent. She is also an uplifting figure in the community, a source of hope for those who share in her struggle." 
- Brian Varneke - The Deli Magazine
"To almost lose your entire musical gift is quite a frightening and shocking experience, but Erica persevered... To have music save you while on the brink is a pretty incredible feeling, and in this stunning video [Calling all Survivors] she enlists the help of a slew of fellow Boston musicians to come together in unison and harmony for this stunning clip that will leave no dry eyes in the house for sure. A stunning vid that is worthy of stopping everything you're doing right now to devote some time to witness this truly special moment."
- Music Box Pete; Music Blog



In recognition of outstanding musicianship (2010) 
1st Place - Songwriting Competition by Berklee College of Music
Featured in the annual Songwriter Night (2010) 
The ASCAP Foundation
Cy Coleman Award
A Songwriting Scholarship (2009)
Voice Department Achievement Award
Berklee College of Music (2008)



"This record truly reveals every side of the dynamic artist that is Erica Leigh. From bluesy attitude to gut wrenching love songs, and even dabbling in "cute" at times, Puzzle Heart is just that. A piece by piece recount of an incredibly talented singer songwriter. If you haven't heard Erica's voice, your life is missing the corner pieces, you should buy this record."

        - George W.


"Erica Leigh has one of the most powerful voices I've ever heard, and yet she uses that power so delicately. The EP is very layered, showing many sides of her artistry. I can't wait to see what she does next."

- Erin H.

"I love all the songs on this CD but Needing a Change is just gorgeous! Beautifully written and produced! Love her voice!"

- Muze62