"Erica, your music is so soulful... and sexy... I love your phrasing"

- John Mayer; 7-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter/producer.

"Your vocal completely brought the song to life. So much emotion and so much heart, what a gift you've been given. Such a joy to hear and feel your voice and spirit" 

- Ben Wisch; 2-time Grammy Award-winning Producer [Marc Cohn]
"Hearing [Erica Leigh], listeners can relate to their own personal struggles and the need to feel connected."
- Kathy Coan; Middlesex Daily News
"You're a very complicated individual. In the first song, you remind me of a very young Joni Mitchell. And then, on the second tune you brought us 50 years to the present with a looper...and then you had us singing along to a very good song ['Calling All Survivors']... These days for someone to cover all that ground, for real, is special."
- Cliff Goodwin; guitarist Joe Cocker

"Looping Beauty"... "Slay...slay! Erica Leigh [is] killin' it!" ..."Beautiful performance!"
- TCHelicon Vocal Technologies
"Boston-based artist Erica Leigh, is not only a singer/songwriter with an exceptional talent. She is also an uplifting figure in the community, a source of hope for those who share in her struggle." 
- Brian Varneke - The Deli Magazine
"To almost lose your entire musical gift is quite a frightening and shocking experience, but Erica persevered... To have music save you while on the brink is a pretty incredible feeling, and in this stunning video [Calling all Survivors] she enlists the help of a slew of fellow Boston musicians to come together in unison and harmony for this stunning clip that will leave no dry eyes in the house for sure. A stunning vid that is worthy of stopping everything you're doing right now to devote some time to witness this truly special moment."
- Music Box Pete; Music Blog


Grand Prize Winner
Padavano's Place 2018 Singer-Songwriter Competition
In recognition of outstanding musicianship (2010) 
1st Place - Songwriting Competition by Berklee College of Music
Featured in the annual Songwriter Night (2010) 
The ASCAP Foundation
Cy Coleman Award
A Songwriting Scholarship (2009)
Voice Department Achievement Award
Berklee College of Music (2008)