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I think living rooms were made for live music. House concerts are my absolute favorite setting to perform in, because of the special connection I'm able to have with my listeners... Not to mention, it costs virtually nothing for hosts, and it's so easy to do!  

I've provided some useful information for you right here, and you can reach out to me with any questions you might have!  - Erica Leigh

What is a House Concert?

  • An Invitation-only concert. Guests are typically friends, neighbors and co-workers of the host, plus maybe a few fans of the artist.

  • A Unique Social Gathering: An up-close-and-personal experience, when you can enjoy every note and every word! There's built-in time before and after the show for socialization and refreshments.

  • A way to supporting an artist you love, directly: Being a host is one of the most direct and beneficial ways of giving your favorite musician some support... These events are stronger for artist’s merchandise sales than traditional venues, and foster a genuine connection between the artist and their audience.  

  • Hassle-Free: Avoid public parking nightmares, long lines, expensive food/drink, noisy crowds, etc...

  • A growing international trend, Read more about them in articles by CNN, Billboard, & New York Times.

What does it cost?

Typically the only cost involves refreshments if you choose to provide them to your guests. A suggested donation is collected from the guests (usually $15-20), which is given directly to the artist - OR if you prefer to discuss a flat fee and skip the suggested donation, we can do so. A minimum of 10 confirmed guests is appreciated. Guests are notified about the concert if there will be a suggested donation when they are invited.

  • Budget friendly ideas - Consider doing light snacks, a pot luck dinner, BYOB, or even joint-hosting with friends!

  • Why Donations are given Directly to the Artist: House concerts are comparable to a Tupperware party. The host doesn't take a cut of the money but gets free stuff and gets to support an artist they like!  This avoids any "home business" grey area, and creates a win-win situation where hosts/guests have an unforgettable experience and get to directly support the artist. 

What if I don't have enough room?

No matter the scale of your space and guest list, we can work together to make the most of it!  Check out how these creative Texan hosts transform their living room in a 1-minute video.

Sample Schedule:

5:30-7:00         Erica arrives, sets up & sound-checks
7:00-8:00         Guests filter in for food & merriment
8:00-9:00         Concert 
- Or broken into TWO, 40min sets with a 15min intermission

Final 30min:     CD sales & friendly farewells!


For house concerts that are out of state (Erica is from Boston) on-site lodging may be a necessity.  In the event where there is air travel needed, a flat fee will be negotiated. 



More questions? Please send Erica Leigh an inquiry by clicking the link below:

Inquiring does not necessitate booking: 

I'm more than happy to answer your questions!