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Erica sings duet lead vocals with David Jiles Jr. on Use Your Voice by by the Show Up Band.

Lead Vocals - Duet (Starts Verse 2):
Use Your Voice - The Show Up Band
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Lead Vocals - Duet (2nd Verse):

Erica sings a duet, as well as background vocals on Walter Finley's Walk With Me.

I Know What Love Is - Walter Finley
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Lead Vocals:

Erica sings lead vocals on "Keeping Me"

and "Tula" from David Lockwood's

Modern Love, as well as background vocals on several tunes throughout.

Songs are based on compelling personal stories from the popular New York Times column Modern Love.

Keeping Me - David Lockwood
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Tula - David Lockwood
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Erica sings background vocals on

Gordo & Friends' debut comedy album

Big Black Hawk.

Sample Background Vocals:
Mr. T on PCP - Gordo & Friends
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Erica Leigh's debut album Puzzle Heart, featuring original album artwork.

(Full self portrait inside)

Sample Background Vocals:

Erica sings background vocals (and contributed to their arrangement) on a number of tunes from David Lockwood's

Lucky Me.

Lucky You - David Lockwood
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